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The open frame construction, which characterizes skeletonized metal wire shapes, has been used to advantage in designing hybrid welded sheet metal-wire products type chassis. Improved air circulation to dissipate heat; open visibility for quick inspection, testing and service reduced weight and excellent rigidity are several of the advantage gained when doing this type of design. When a hybrid chassis is made of steel wire its cost is significantly less than its sheet metal counterpart because structural material is used only where it is needed and is economically and effectively joined by electric resistance welding.

The selection of the proper material classification, tolerances, surface finish, wire size, bend radii and the “finishing of wire products” is of utmost importance prior to starting a new welded sheet metal wire design.

Pacific Wire Products, Inc.'s engineering staff has extensive experience working with customer's designs. Call or e-mail for help.

Wire Capabilities
Robotic & Manual RSW (Resistance Spot Welding)
MIG (metal-inert-gas)
TIG (tungsten-inert-gas)
CNC Wire Bending
Custom Wire Sizes
.035" to .500: diameter
Material Types
Wire Finishes
Whatever the requirement, we can do it! (Zinc, nickel, nickel/chrome, plastisol, nylon and powder coatings, etc.)
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