Designing welded wire forms and welded wire products, which retain their integrity in normal use, is not particularly difficult, but it can be quite different for the designer or product engineer who does not work frequently with wire forms and wire forming problems.

The selection of the proper wire material classification, tolerances, surface finish, wire size, bend radii and the “finishing of wire products” is of utmost importance prior to starting a new wire form design.

Pacific Wire Products engineering staff has extensive experience working with customer’s welded wire form designs.  Call or e-mail for help.

Capabilities of Wire Forms: CNC wire bending, wire forming, swaging, piercing, threading, drilling and upsetting. Robotic and manual RSW (resistance spot welding), MIG (metal-inert-gas), TIG (tungsten-inert-gas) welding.

Sizes of Welded Wire Forms:  .035 to .500” diameter

Material for Welded Wire Forms: steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Finishes on Welded Wire Forms:  Whatever finish you require, we can do it! (zinc, nickel, nickel/chrome, plastisol, nylon and powder coatings, etc.)

We manufacture virtually any shaped wire form from Simple to Complex to more problematic designs.

Our capabilities since 1986 have provided companies with unique innovative solutions for all types of manufactured wire forms.

Wire Forms & Wire Formed Products

Welded Wire Forms & Welded Wire Formed Products


Wire Forms & Wire Formed Products